Canadian Heritage Minute Videos! I loved these videos when I was a kid!

Historica Canada - home of the Heritage Minutes & lesson plan ideas on defining moments in Canadian history

First Nations resources

engage students, teachers and community members in an investigation of the sources, uses and conservation options for our water resources.

We Are All Treaty People

Treaties are beneficial to all people in Saskatchewan. They are considered mutually beneficial arrangements that guarantee a co-existence between the treaty parties.

I love children's stories for an immediate way into difficult subjects - five stories of being taken to Kuper Island Residential School, by Sylvia Olsen of Tsartlip First Nation, with Rita Morris and Ann Sam, recollecting the way it was

Children's stories of Kuper Island Residential School **Sylvia Olsen with Rita Morris and Ann Sam**

An Ojibway Story of Creation - Pic River First Nation - YouTube

This video tells a version of the Ojibway Story of Creation. It was created with support from the Pic River First Nation.

Welcome to our Classroom | Creator - Land - People Treaty Education

Treaty 6 Education in Living Sky – Embeding First Nation, Métis and Inuit “ways of knowing” into all curricula (lesson/units)