Peppermint Matcha Hot Chocolate Brownies!

I was asked to create a treat for our Epicure team meeting tonight using this months customer special, Epicure’s delicious Peppermint matcha hot chocolate!

Classic Waffles—Save time by baking up a batch of waffles on the weekend and freezing. In the morning, just pop in the toaster!

Apple cinnamon minis 1 C flour C sugar TSP salt 2 TSP baking…

Chocolate Lasagna with Summer Berry Cream Cheese Filling - Epicure's Summer Berry Fruit Dip & Chocolate Pudding In An Instant. Check out my FB Page for full Recipe :)

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Epicures Lemon Dilly Potato Salad - the best potato salad ever! I add about a tsp Epicures Herb Garlic dip mix.

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"Dillicious" Linguine, this was good but need to cut way back on the oil. A quarter cup would probably be more than enough.