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Italian Truffle Butter

Italian Herb Truffle Butter

1 review
15 minutes

Easy to make truffle butter that is freezer friendly and delicious. Great garnish for your cooked meats and vegetables.

Mashed Cauliflower with Parmesan & Truffle Oil

Recipe: Paleo Mashed Cauliflower with Parmesan & Truffle Oil — Freckled Italian

Like pancakes and whipped cream, I never knew I would miss mashed potatoes until I went Paleo. They were always just sort of eh for me--I'd eat them if they were in front of me, but I really never went out of my way to make them myself. The other day I bought a head of cauliflow

Do you want to know how to use truffle oil? There are so many uses for truffle oil, it’s hard to know where to start and where to stop. Here's our Top 10 more

Top 10 Uses For Truffle Oil | EAT LOVE SAVOR

We’ve narrowed the list down to our top 10 uses for truffle oil. In most cases, either black truffle oil or white truffle oil can be used interchangeably,

Black Summer Truffles

Truffles and Mushrooms for Sale

Discover a great selection of fine truffles and mushrooms from around the world! Fresh or preserved, black or white, French or Italian, the selection at Gourmet Food Store is sure to impress. Experience the incredible aroma and amazing flavor of gourmet truffles and mushrooms.

Prosciutto purses filled with Mascarpone cheese, drizzled with truffle oil and tied with a chive ribbon from Windows Catering

Holiday Party Ideas: Festive Finger Food

Here are five passed bites for holiday gatherings of all types.

Hand-made pasta with shaved black truffles and butter, a classic dish from Alba's Truffle Festival in Piedmont.

Alba's Truffle Festival: Part One — Beth Dunham

We arrived from Turin on a small Regionale train which got progressively more crowded as we neared Alba's station. Everyone was headed for the medieval fair, just one of the many events during Alba's Truffle Festival.

Tagliderini al Tartufo (Pasta with truffles) from The White Boar in Florence, Italy EAT THIS!

Tagliderini al Tartufo (Pasta with truffles) from The White Boar in Florence, Italy – Pratesi Living

We did not receive specific amounts to use for this recipe, so get creative and use your cooking skills to make this dish.

Black truffle ​​spaghetti and porcini mushrooms (English recipe available if you scroll down on the link. Must try this some day!)

La chitarra del Duca

Fiordizucca is a blog full of more than 600 recipes which varies from Vegetarian, Vegan, Fish and some Meat, Desserts, Cakes and much more!

Italian Quinoa Risotto Lasagna w/Truffle Oil | @hbharvest

Italian Quinoa Risotto Lasagna | Half Baked Harvest

16 reviews
1.5 hours

A delicious lasagna, packed with wine and cheese

Truffled gnocchi with Mushroom Ragu - made just the Ragu sauce with regular pasta substituted milk for cream and it was delish!

Truffled Gnocchi with Mushroom Ragu - Simply Delicious

Rich, flavourful and properly comforting, this truffled gnocchi with mushroom ragu is the perfect Vegetarian soulfood.

A creamy and delicious #risotto made with #Burrata cheese and a drizzle of #Truffle Oil.

Burrata and Truffle Oil Risotto

1 review
23 minutes

A creamy and delicious risotto made with Burrata cheese and a drizzle of Truffle Oil.

Truffled Gnocchi Mac and Cheese |

Truffled Gnocchi Macaroni and Cheese |

Gnocchi macaroni and cheese is bathed in an easy white cheddar and truffle infused sauce to add an elegant touch to everyone’s favorite comfort food.

Recipe Sleuth: Firefly’s Macaroni and Three Cheeses | Recipe Sleuth | Washingtonian

Recipe Sleuth: Firefly’s Macaroni and Three Cheeses | Washingtonian (DC)

Photograph by Chris Leaman. Macaroni and cheese appears twice on Firefly’s Southern-inflected menu: as a lunch entrée with shrimp and bacon and as a dinnertime side starring three cheeses. Although the former sounds more luxurious, chef Danny Bortnick’s Macaroni...