BoI [Books of Interest]

Covers of books in cyberspace that are interesting to me nya~ Or they're just covers of my favourite stories nya.
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Ward Series: Secrets Publisher: Laree Bailey Press Publication date: August 2012 Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

'Lord Beast' by Ashful nya

Lord Beast - Chapter One

Lord Beast - Chapter One - Ashful

'Sweet Love of Mine' by Ashful nya

Sweet Love of Mine - Excerpt

"Sweet Love of Mine - Excerpt" by Ashful - "Emily Weatherly was no gently-bred London debutante. In fact, she had thrived on the streets of Lond…"

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

One of the best book series I have ever read! Title: Inheritance (Inheritance Cycle Series Author: by Christopher Paolini, Christopher Paolini

'When Like Minds Collide' by Ashful [Brightmore #1] nya

When Like Minds Collide (Brightmore #1) - Chapter One

Read Chapter Eleven from the story When Like Minds Collide (Brightmore by Ashful with reads. Chapter 11 His lips brushed hers, light and ti.

'The Taming of Victoria Colton' by Ashful nya~  My absolute favourite Ashful story nya...

The Taming of Victoria Colton - Chapter One

The Taming of Victoria Colton - Chapter Twenty-Nine - Ashful Favorite story

Anathema - Book One in the Cloud Prophet Trilogy

Anathema - Book One in the Cloud Prophet Trilogy - MeggJensen