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a quote that reads, you don't stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running
Don't stop running
Are you a runner? 🏃🏻‍♀️ I've picked up running about 4 years ago. Something that Covid-19 gifted to me. Last year, I ran a half marathon. But contrary to most half marathoners who continue to their next distance goal, I did not. No, I did not stop. I just run as a hobby. ➡️ Are you a hobby runner or are you aiming for your next personal best? 🥜 🧈 #weeklyquote #dontstoprunning #hobbyrunner #keepgoing #runforfun #stayactive
a quote from elizabeth gilbert on the ocean with mountains in the background and text that reads do whatever brings you to life, then
You never merely write. You write to someone.
The last speech I wrote and gave was about my Chinese Canadian heritage. I wrote it for my peers, for my ancestors, but most of all, I wrote it for myself. To the part of me that struggled to understand why we need to pass on stories of racism and discrimination. It is through stories that we can share our uniqueness and break stereotypes. That is what we need to emphasize. ♡ When's the last time you wrote to yourself? #storytelling #writingwithpurpose #asianheritagemonth #shareyourstory
I only write when I am inspired. Fortunately I am inspired every day at nine o'clock – William Faulkner
How to deal with writer's / creative block
Feeling stuck in a creative rut? How about this quote by William Faulkner! Remember that creativity only flows when we allow it to. Make time every day to hone your skills. 🎨 ➡️ What time do you get inspired? I get inspired at around 10am 😅 ♡ #weeklyquote #creativejuicesflowing #williamfaulkner #inspiration #timetocreate
Self-compassion makes people more resilient to letdowns by breaking the vicious cycle of stress that often accompanies failure. – Nir Eyal
How to break the stress cycle when you fail
Are you a perfectionist like me? If so, this quote is a good reminder that we need to be more kind to ourselves. I first read this in the book 📚 Indistractable by Stanford lecturer and behavioural design expert Nir Eyal. ➡️ Does this quote speak to you? Leave a comment or share this with a friend who needs it! ♡ 🫶🏼 #resilience #kindness #selfcompassion #innerstrength #overcomingobstacles #empowerment #weeklyquote #motivation #inspiringquote #indistractable #nireyal
the best way to arm yourself against resistance is to recognize it when it strikes and disinsss it as quickly as you can
How to deal with resistance
I saved this quote from Arlene Dickinson's book, 📚 All in. I like her simple solution to fight resistance: recognize and dismiss it. I know my biggest resistance is my inner critic, and I'm learning to dismiss it. ➡️ Does this resonate with you? Leave a comment! ♡ #innerstrength #overcomingobstacles #empowerment #weeklyquote #motivation #inspiringquote #business #femaleentrepreneurs #arlenedickenson
Reminder to self: Be kind to yourself and let go of anger. I have this quote written and on my desk as a reminder.

🗒️ Do you write yourself little reminders? Please share!

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How to let go of anger
Reminder to self: Be kind to yourself and let go of anger. I have this quote written and on my desk as a reminder. 🗒️ Do you write yourself little reminders? Please share! #letitgo #movingforward #emotionalwellness #selfcare #lettinggo #innerpeace #healthyboundaries #weeklyquote #controllinganger #lettinggoofanger #ajahnbrahm #ajahnbrahmquotes #regulatingemotions
Your first impression of a thing sets up your subsequent beliefs. If a company looks inept to you, you may assume everything else they do is inept. – Daniel Kahneman Design, Inspiration, People, Credibility, Popular Search Engines
Why good web design is important
As a web designer, knowing how people behave online is crucial in helping businesses succeed. This quote is a great reminder why companies need to invest in good web design. Do you need a new web design? ♡ Message me for more info. #psychology #humanbehavior #humanbehaviour #communication #webdesign #firstimpressions #psychology #humanbehavior #passion #perception #weeklyquote #inspiration #companytrust #credibility #trustandcredibility
Going short of sleep is like forgetting to save a document you’ve been working on all day – Quote from "How to have a good day" by Caroline Webb Feelings, Quotes, Need To Know, Sleep Quotes, Sleep Deprivation, Good Night Sleep, I Care
Sleep quote
We've all been there, feeling the frustration and regret of not getting enough rest. In fact, prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to cognitive impairment. Don't forget to prioritize your sleep. Your mind and body will thank you! 💤 ➡️ Know someone who needs to know this? Share this! ♡ #inspirationalquotes #weeklyquote #selfcare #sleepdeprivation #goodnightsleep #carolinewebb #howtohaveagoodday
Talent is how quickly your skills improve when you invest effort; achievement is what happens when you take your acquired skills and used them – Angela Duckworth
Is talent enough for success?
I have a little known secret: I enjoy reading good parenting books. Angela Duckworth's book, 📚 Grit, is not a parenting book, but it provides insight to what it takes for one to succeed. Talent alone is not enough, it takes effort and determination to turn that talent into skill and ultimately, success. Do you agree? If you liked this, tap follow! ♡ #grit #effortanddetermination #successmindset #talentandskill #insightfulquotes #angeladuckworth #bookrecommendation #neverstoplearning
Resolve dilemmas with greater ease by asking "What could I do?" instead of "What should I do?"
How to change your frame of mind when resolving dilemmas
Pro tip: Next time you find yourself in a dilemma, try shifting your mindset from "What should I do?" to "What could I do?" By reframing the question, you open up endless possibilities and empower yourself to find the best solution. Let's ditch the pressure of "should" and embrace the potential of "could"! 💪 If you found this useful, share this with a friend! ♡ #empowerment #empoweryourself #languagematters #reframingmindset #mindsetquotes #mindsetmatters #mindsetshift #weeklyquote