Creating a Lesson Plan with the Learning Designer

Eileen Kennedy shows how to use the Learning Designer to create and save a new lesson plan from scratch. Music by Phil Durrant.

What is STEM - and why should you care?

GreatSchools is a free, mobile-friendly nonprofit parenting site devoted to helping parents guide their children to success in and out of the classroom.

Adapt a design from the directory

The Learning Designer is a free tool for creating and sharing lesson plans, created by educational researchers at the University of London for the community .

Exporting from the Learning Designer Browser to Word - YouTube

In this tutorial, Eileen Kennedy shows how to export from the Learning Designer to a Word document.

LRE new portal

LRE new portal: The Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) from European Schoolnet (EUN) is a service that enables schools to find educational content from many different countries and providers.