Musical chairs writing. Fun idea! When the music stops you pick up writing where the last person left off. Time intervals baed on grade level...

PP said, "musical chairs reading. Play music and when the music stops students stop, sit down and start reading! Lots of fun and something different to develop reading interests." Perhaps you could also put letters of alphabet on chairs &/or sight words.

reading incentive. 1 per page

"I am a bag of bookworms to eat as your read today!" Pair gummy worms with this tag and a book for an end of year gift idea.


Teach Your Child To Read - La lecture (affiches pour les stratégies de lecture: universdemaclasse. ) - TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ and Enable Your Child to Become a Fast and Fluent Reader!

Dans la classe de Karine

I used this poster as a model for an anchor chart. The students gave me ideas for the labels with my "help." I have launched many reading lessons off this poster. it's a visual reminder for my students.

Demander aux élèves: "Pourquoi écris-tu? Quel est ton but?" Ça devrait les aider à mieux communiquer leurs productions.

This board would be used with upper level students so that they could determine what different types of readings exist and how they can write in certain ways.

Programmation DÉCLIC et littérature pour 2013/2014

Programmation DÉCLIC et littérature pour 2013/2014