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six different styles of pendants in various colors
More Poseidon's Treasure Pendants
a necklace with a leaf shaped pendant hanging from it's side on a piece of wood
Labradorite - A very unique type of gemstone
Cthulhu Jewelry, Fimo Polymer Clay, Animale Rare
Cthulhu Jewellery — More of my tentacled necklaces...
a necklace with an intricate design on it
Dungeon Inspiration
a red and green brooch sitting on top of a wooden table
Sonora Sunrise Jasper Pendant
three ceramic pendants sitting on top of a wooden table
Trio of Jasper Pendants
two hands are working on an object that looks like a ball of yarn and thread
Making Polymer Clay Bezels and maybe a Ring
Clay Cabochon, Precious Metal Clay Jewelry, Botswana Agate
MandarinMoon - Hobbyist, Artisan Crafter | DeviantArt
glow leaf polymer molds on a cutting board with the words glow leaf in front of them
Glow Leaf Cane Poly Clay Tutorial
two pieces of food with green leaves on them
Project One Finished...Polymer Fern Cane