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So, as many of you know, I am trying to go as chemical free as possible but being realistic with my expectations. If something just...

Living a special kind of life: DIY Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets 1 Cup of distilled water 1 Cup baking soda 2 Cups of white vinegar 25 Drops of essential oil

DIY Fizzies That Clean Your Water Bottles in a Flash

We love our water bottles, but they're sometimes difficult to get completely clean. Yes, you can toss most in the dishwasher, but sometimes you just want to

No Streaks Here! DIY 1-Swipe Mirror Cleaner

Instead of spending money on name-brand window cleaners for mirrors, DIY your own that leaves your reflectors so clean — with just one quick wipe.

Never Buy Febreze Again With This Easy DIY

This might be one of the best cleaning DIYs ever. You only need three ingredients to make this knockoff fabric refresher that leaves your space smelling like

This Is the Best DIY Antibacterial Spray Ever

This Is the Best DIY Antibacterial Spray Ever >>>> Mix 3 c water + c white vinegar + 15 drops lavender or tea tree essential oil + spray bottle.

Three-Ingredient Homemade Pine-Sol

PineSol 1 tablespoon unscented liquid castile soap 4 cups warm water 10 to 15 drops pine essential oil Sprig of rosemary (optional)

Fresh Scent: Homemade Linen and Mattress Spray

Freshen your sheets with a heavenly and easy DIY linen spray that lengthens the time between washings. This refresher also does wonders for cleaning and

A Nontoxic and Homemade Bleach? Yes, Please!

Instead of reaching for harsh bleach that instantly discolors anything it touches and can be toxic if ingested, try making your own homemade blend instead.

Attack Hard Water Stains With an Epsom Salts Scrub

If you've got glass shower doors or tiles that show every hard water stain in your bathroom, then you understand the constant frustration of keeping everything