I Live for Her, The Love of my Life ...Vivo Per Lei by Marco Silenze and...

"I Live for Her, The Love of my Life" .Vivo Per Lei . Marco Silenze and Melody


"Always as in Forever" my photoshoots in arts and creativity with soundtrack Always from 1999 Chicago concert, a favourite music collection of mine through i.

Nothing Compares to You

Sharing with you my art in photography . to honour my children especially my eldest daughter Charaine. Art photo shoots of my grand daughter Julianne in he.

You're Beautiful with song "Beautiful" by Carole King

This is about Julianne and her school at Alamo Elementary School in Las Vegas.

Love Bites... sound track by Def Leppard

Love bites everyone from the ancient man of history to everyone of today and the future.every moment of time. My photoshoots on Nature and my computer scre.

When i see you smile....

When I see you Smile.my iMovie with soundtrack by Bad English


Julianne with music Fields of Fortune by Secret Garden