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Learn why you should wake up and drink lemon water. See all the benefits of starting your morning off with this delicious and refreshing beverage. Stay healthy and lose weight with this drink.

Starting a fresh morning by drinking a healthy lemon juice instead of a cup of coffee.This healthy lemon juice is the best weight loss and the most effective alternative for a cup of coffee in order to lose weight for both men and women.

Toffee Bars

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Pulled Taffy (St. Catherine’s Day Taffy)

Catherine’s Day Taffy) Recipes

Power Fruit Breakfast Crumble |

Power Fruit Breakfast Crumble: No need to thaw the fruit for this delectable breakfast crumble. Knock it together as soon as you get up and shower and dress while it bakes for a delicious hot breakfast even the kids will appreciate.

Pulled Taffy (St. Catherine’s Day Taffy) Recipes | Ricardo

the perfect thing to keep us busy on a snow day - of course we are going to change the recipe and take it outside into the snow to cool down :) Pulled Taffy (St. Catherine’s Day Taffy) Recipes