This REVISED Canadian Government and Citizenship unit includes levels of government, elections, citizenship, immigration, rights & responsibilities, etc. It now also includes an inquiry-based "Community Mapping" lapbook project to meet the new 2013 Ontario Social Studies curriculum for Grade 5/

Canadian Government and Citizenship

This Canadian Government and Citizenship resource was created to work with the Ontario Ministry of Education's Social Studies curriculum unit for .

The Canadian Coat of Arms has many symbols that give us clues about Canada’s history and what Canadians feel is important. 1 the flag of the United Kingdom 2 the royal flag of France (fleur-de-lis) 3 symbols of England (golden lions, roses) 4 symbols of Scotla...

Royal coat of arms of Canada. Have a look at more Canadian related designs here or brows through other coat of arms below.

Canada's Government - Informational Texts, 5 Activities

Canadian Government Expanded Introduction Reading Passages, Activities

Hands-On Canadian History: Prime Ministers of Canada Guess Who Game

Hands-On Canadian History: Canadian Prime Ministers Guess Who Game

Hands-On Canadian History: Prime Ministers of Canada Guess Who , an authentic and unique way for students to absorb, understand and learn about figures in Canadian history.

Responsibilities between different levels of government

Also Elizabeth II Political parties „ Liberal „ Conservative „ New Democratic „ Bloc Québécois „ Green 0 Independent Canada’s part of the Commonwealth It funds the Commonwealth annually 21 interpeters are translators

Hands-On Canadian History: Seven Years War - Plains of Abraham

Hands-On Canadian History: Seven Years War - Plains of Abraham

The Seven Years War and the battle on the Plains of Abraham moved Canada from a French country to an English one. Re-enact it with these printables.

Levels of Government

How do I apply for Canadian Citizenship?


(Gr. 5) Government and Citizenship in Canada: A Complete Inquiry Unit

Complete grade 4 project based inquiry unit for Physical Regions This inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the People and Environments


Canadian Federalism - Clear and Dynamic Package on Government Structures

This package details how Canada's system of government works in a clear and efficient manner. Federalism and the levels of government can be confusing for students (and adults :) and also difficult to teacher. No textbook needed!