Sonja Ziya-Kiral

Sonja Ziya-Kiral

Sonja Ziya-Kiral
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Pranic Healing is a bridge to spirituality.

Pranic healing is a energy healing system developed and promoted by Choa Kok Sui which claims that prana (energy) can heal ailments in the body.

Massage Therapy Conclusively proven to reduce stress.

Massage therapy is a proven, non invasive way to reduce chronic stress levels in the body. Dozens of studies have shown the effectiveness of massage therapy in

Don't be weird. A good glute massage can ease stress and tension throughout the body!

The hips are extremely complex and a misalignment in the hips can cause pain throughout the body and many postural distortions which can lead to even more problems and pain. Do not let your Massage Therapist skip the glutes, it can make all the difference