Mitch Singlehurst

Mitch Singlehurst

Mitch Singlehurst
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Dribbble - _2x.png by Gale P

Hello, dribbble Poof application is to help users get the data movement and pet sleep data, each data will come Rankings and calories, will correspond to recommend some good foods for pets based o.

CORE UI Kit on App Design Served

Fully editable UI Kit allows you to create the best design workflow for your iOS high quality screens divided by 9 most popular categories allows to design your projects without any effort.


I push need? This app s great to keep you motivated to do your workout.

dashboard/home screen

Enblink - Smart Home - Android - Enblink turns just about any Android device into a powerful smart home hub. Enblink is a USB plugin designed to.

Simple colour highlights important interaction zones - visually removes additional data