Favorite French Canadian Meat Pie

Favorite French Canadian Meat Pie

Favorite French Canadian Meat Pie My family calls this pork pie - one of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions :)

Tourtière (Canadian Meat Pie)

Tourtière is a Canadian meat pie popular during the winter holiday season, especially on Christmas Eve in the Quebec region.

Cheesy Meat Pie

One day I found myself in the mood for a sort of meat pie. I’d never made one before but figured it couldn’t be that hard. After experimenting on the first and tweaking it a few more [.

Meat Pie??? Yes please

Little Meat and Potato Pie

I love making pies. When I was little, I remember being in the kitchen with my grandmother and watch her make pies on different occasions. The sight of her making the pie crust from scratch with he…

Meat Pie

This recipe for meat pie was once a popular school lunch main dish in Nebo School District. That was back in the day when school lunch was h.

Meat Pie

My, Oh My, It’s Pie, Pie, Pie!

this recipe turned out amazing. I just added a bit more spices, will add nut meg next time.

Irish Guinness and Meat Pie

I don’t know if meat pie has any true Irish origins or not. It appears that any time you throw Guinness in something, though, it becomes Irish. So, since I put Guinness in my meat pie, I pres…

Rustic Turkey Meat Pie

Rustic Turkey Meat Pie – My Healthy Christmas Alternative

Rustic Turkey Meat Pie A Healthy Alternative this Christmas (Use gluten free options)

Meat pie

Ground Beef Meat Pie

A few months ago, while watching a football match, Allan told me about how he used to go to matches and get the meat pies. And then he told me about his mom making them for him as well. Of as soon as he told me about this I had to make him a…

Nice looking meat pie

Here's the Tourtiere recipe adapted from Saveur Magazine's 150 Best Recipes in their issue. It's this pie that won best in show at the Retro Pie Contest.