Jilly's Canadian Thanksgiving: Beet Rolls-I'm going to try these with Swiss chard instead of beet leaves.

My family is Ukrainian and according to my Granny Thompson, back in the day they used whatever they could to save money. As we all know, beets are very inexpensive and so we use beets…

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Pie

This is a staple in our house. As our dietary needs have changed, the ingredients keep getting healthier but the same great flavour comes through because of all the spices!

Savory Anti-Inflammatory Trail Mix

The Savory Anti-Inflammatory Trail Mix

Detox Lentil-Lime Soup

Lime lentil soup-Limes help your skin look younger and are good for overall health. Find out more health benefits of limes and try a detox lentil-lime soup recipe.

Cheeky Monkey Smoothie

Try out this delicious Cheeky Monkey Smoothie Recipe in the morning for energy all day and a great mood.

Fastest Spinach Hemp Soup Ever!

A healthy spinach soup recipe that you can whip up in 8 minutes. Wonderful gourmet ingredients such as coconut butter and hemp seed make this vegan friendly yet creamy.

Simple Savoury Squash Soup + Interesting Squash Facts

Butternut Squash & Pulp Soup - perfect use of leftover pulp from juicing

Lentil Olive Tapenade

This tasty olive and lentil recipe is a winning combination of healthy fats and fiber. Be sure to buy high quality olive oil!