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Megan Wildin
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Mother's Day.pdf

Mother's Day.pdf

Please Spay & Neuter

Please Spay & Neuter. Always Adopt - Don't Shop. If Dog Breeders Really Loved their Breed, They'd STOP Breeding & Instead Would Work For or Volunteer at One of Their Breed's Nationwide Rescue Groups/Shelters.

It made me cry a little :*)

Last will and testament of a pet .totally made me cry! Remember, there are always gonna be animal shelters that are trying to find animals a good home. If a pet has truly changed your life, why couldn't another animal?

Senior dogs are awesome.

November - adopt a senior pet Month ! Today's the day. Someone who loves old dogs will come TAKE ME HOME. Will it be YOU or GOD? Adopting a senior dog is one of the most rewarding events ever. Older animals are more mellow, have snugg

the only thing vick deserves is an hourly punch in the nuts by gordon shell wearing brass knuckles.

I don't think I've hated anyone more than Michael Vick! Michael Vick is an dog killer, animal abuser. He's the animal who should be in prison. But is no allowed to play football again. Piece of shit scumbag loser!

UGGs and Their ‘UGGly’ Reputation: Ugg boots use sheep wool which is taken off along with the skin. Please do not continue to support fur-lined garments. Not only uggs, but also fake uggs result in the gruesome slaughter of millions of animals