Écrire une phrase simple, composée et complexe.

Stretch a Sentence

Stretch a Sentence- perfect for adding details! I really like this idea! This is a great way to assist students with goals for saying complex sentences.

Idées pour écriture

Free Writing is common component in TPRS®/CI classrooms. Many teachers do weekly, timed free writes; others are less consistent, but you will be hard pressed to find a trained TPRS®/CI teacher that…

Enrichir une phrase

A French education site, designed for students in first grade in France, but I think I can adapt some of the ideas.

Persuasive Writing

Australian Curriculum Primary School Teaching resources for Identify characteristic features used in imaginative, informative and persuasive texts to meet the purpose of the text


Add up spelling words to see which is the most/least expensive. - Who can find the most expensive word in the dictionary? - Using an atlas, find the most/least expensive country


Primary French Immersion Resources: POMMES for editing our writing.I LOVE this as a grading code for my middle schoolers, but change the P to pronom, as they have punctuation down, but still make lots of pronoun errors.

Donne une phrase aux élèves et ils/elles doivent l'améliorer.

Read, Write, Build, Draw SPRING Sentences

Bande dessinée

College essay why our school example When applying to college, the "Why Do You Want to Attend Our School?" essay gives most students fits. Here's how to crack it.