Pairage de lettres

Cute Idea for teaching Upper Case & Lower Case Letters. Capital letter on white spoon – Lower case letter on clear spoon – match them up Awesome!

Utiliser des coffrets de dvd, un crayon effaçable et un gant pour développer l'écriture.

DIY Dry Erase Boards: Write on DVD cases with whiteboard markers and use socks or gloves as erasers. The glove/sock fits inside the DVD case for easy storage.

Lecture silencieuse amusante

During quiet reading time, just have the kids flip their chairs around and give them pillows to lounge on. Read to self pillows!

Jeu identification des lettres

Preschool Co-op Week 7, Letter Nn

Former des lettres

Do I dare try the links as a word work option? Going to have to think about this one Word Play ~ Learning to Read is FUN!

Les lettres musicales comme les chaises musicales : quand la musique s'arrête, dire le nom de la lettre et le son qu'elle fait

Around the Table ABC- like musical chairs. when the music stops the children say the name and sound of the letter they are standing in front of. Can be done with a classroom carpet with letters around the edges

Former des lettres en équipe

Alphabet Classroom, ABC Bulletin Board idea FUN idea for an ABC book (or poster) to send home with the kids! Or use the letters for a bulletin board!

Lettres et motricité fine

Pasta letter hunt to improve fine motor skills: tweezers, tiny pasta, and several ways to play!

Peindre les lettres

This is a great activity because it builds the muscle control needed to learn to write by holding a paint brush, they get practice recognizing letters!

Pairage de lettres

Ski Matching

Olympics: Match colors, capital and lowercase letters, or even math facts with this fun Olympic Ski Matching activity!

Comment apprendre à chuchoter pour la lecture à l'autre...

Duo-Phone for buddy reading. Couldn't we make these just like we made the reading phones with pvc pipe?

Les 5 au quotidien vidéo La lecture à soi

Les 5 au quotidien vidéo La lecture à soi