Laminating these and using these in a center will be great!!!     Skip counting/number patterns with paint strips.

Skip counting/number patterns with paint strips. You can laminate them, so the kids can write in the missing numbers with dry erase marker.

FREEBIE! Cute jungle-themed printables and hundred chart.

Hundred Chart Freebies

Math Coach's Corner: Hundred Chart Freebies. Hundred charts are phenomenal tools for building number sense! Grab this free jungle-themed hundred chart with a couple of free printables!

Number Pattern Cards w/ Printable

A set of 40 number pattern cards that can be laminated and reused. Includes counting patterns in and up to 100 both forwards and backwards.

Pattern/Attributes anchor chart

Hi everyone, it is Jane checking in with a few ideas for teaching patterns in math. I just moved down to grade two from grade five so it h.

Math Coachs Corner: Flexible Workstation for Number Sense. One activity I love is Count Around the Circle from the book Number Sense Routines. It goes something like this--depending on your students' needs and your standards, you choose a counting pattern. I really wanted to come up with a way to use the same activity in a workstation, so this freebie is what I came up with.

Flexible Workstation for Number Sense

Math Coachs Corner: Flexible Workstation for Number Sense. A workstation version of Count Around the Circle. So easy to differentiate!

Number Pattern Dice Game

Fun, hands-on partner game to teach number sequences and number patterns. Need a dice and this worksheet - very easy! Can be used to reinforce a lesson, as a math center, or as an extension activity.