"Does your school have an area for outdoor exploration? How do you use the outdoor environment to enhance your program?" The Curious Kindergarten ≈≈

Learning in the Outdoor Classroom

"Worm investigation at The Curious Kindergarten" Good way to set up an investigation table!

Can you build it? Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: The End of the School Year 2013-2014...

Need to get some pics of local buildings and architecture to laminate and put in the block area for kids to build instead of just building "houses & castles".

How many rocks can you stack? http://www.wondersinkindergarten.blogspot.ca/2014/05/a-glimpse-at-our-current-learning.html

Wonders in Kindergarten: A glimpse at our current learning!

Physics in Kindergarten? Absolutely! This is why play is so important in Early Childhood Education! How else could children begin to have a...

Marble Maze inquiry, exploration, investigation, problem solving and teamwork!

Shape provocation - Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time

Love these pattern block mats


'Things I Can Make with A Stone' book inspires creative imagination and resourcefulness (Via StrongStart)

For a long time I struggled with understanding the place and power of provocations. A few years ago I had a huge ah-ha moment. I am in an inquiry. I am a researcher. With each provocation – new understandings emerge. I love that it is a process of learning for both myself and the children. We are in it together. So what follows is my experience with provocation. Is it everything there is to know? I hope not! What is a Provocation? Provocation | Reggio Inspired | Fairy Dust Teaching

What is a provocation

What is a provocation?