Melissa Payne

Melissa Payne

Beauty. Simplicity.Complexity. Joy. Words.The Art of Conversation and Everything else in Between.
Melissa Payne
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birch trees

birch trees have always reminded me of vacations in Maine when i was little. they are my favorite tree. [I didn't see birch forests the one time I was in Maine, but they have them in northern Michigan and Wisconsin, too.

September 22 is the autumnal (fall) equinox. There are two equinoxes each year and the other is in March at the start of spring.

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” VIEW THE SKY THROUGH GOLDEN LEAVES

Simple beauty

Tire Swing on a Farm in Michigan I think we all have fond memories of swinging from a tree and can vision ourselves or our children laughing and singing


Running trains me to be a stronger person. Running trains me to refuse to allow my environment to determine my actions. I have never breathed so hard, felt so strong, or faced such challenge as when I am running. Running trains me to keep going, always.

enjoy getting lost in the forest

The Redwood Forest ~ the tallest known redwood tree is 379 feet tall, located in the Redwood Creek watershed.

Nice veggie garden!

The French Potager Garden. A potager is the French term for an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden. This design is to provide a garden of abundance in an aesthetically pleasing manner. What a beautiful way to plant flowers, fruit, vegetables, and herbs