iotaCSS: A Sass design agnostic framework

iotaCSS: A Sass design agnostic framework - Mockuplove

Framer Voyage UI Kit

Framer Voyage UI Kit — Overview by Benjamin den Boer

Draggable: A lightweight drag & drop JS library

Draggable: A lightweight drag & drop JS library - Mockuplove

Shoelace is a basic CSS starter kit that you can customise. through CSS variables and it doesn’t require Less, Sass or any preprocessor.

Cubi – Free HTML template

The best free HTML templates, handpicked and delivered to you.

Block Reveal Effects with 3D Transforms

A set of block reveal effects by Codrops to uncover content of any kind in a schematic box look taking advantages of Flexbox and Transforms.

Date Dropper – jQuery UI datepicker

Datedropper A powerful jQuery UI datepicker - Freebiesbug

Page stack navigation template

A page stack navigation template based on the Dribbble shot Stacked navigation by Ilya Kostin.

Pointy Slider – A slideshow based on panels

jQuery image slider is an attractive website element used to showcase your featured articles, images and video. With eye-catching sliders, you can engage your s

Animated SVG menu icon

A tutorial by Codrops to create an animated hamburger menu icon with SVG using the Segment library by Luis Manuel.

Animated Heat Distortion Effects

Animated Heat Distortion Effects with WebGL Coding Tutorials Animation Code CSS HTML Javascript Resource Shader SVG Tutorial Web Design Web Development

Creative Text Styles and Hover Effects

A couple of creative text styles and hover effects for your inspiration. Some effects use experimental techniques including SVG masking and Canvas.

Photon – Desktop app framework

Photon is an UI toolkit for building full featured desktop apps with Electron using simple HTML and CSS.