Egg Carton Ladybug Craft for Kids

Egg Carton Ladybug Craft for Kids: Easy ladybug art project for preschool and kindergarten. Makes a great addition to a unit on insects or bugs or an extension activity to The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric (Diy Art)

Insect pegs

Clothespin Dragonfly crafts for kids! Use pipe cleaners for a spring art project…

Bug Fossils

Explore Bugs with this Bug Fossils Play Dough activity. Ask pupil to press out playdough first so you have a flat surface. Ask the pupil to press a plastic bug into the playdough. Then remove the bug with tweezers. Great for hand and finger strength.

Insect Nature Art inspired by Australian Natural Pyrethrins

Get yourself and kids into nature with this insect nature art inspired by Australian Natural Pyrethrins. It's a simple activity that is non toxic and fun.

Fichier PDF téléchargeable Versions en couleurs et en noir et blanc incluses Niveau préscolaire 2 pages L'élève découpe les images et replace l'histoire en ordre pour former la vie du papillon, soit: oeufs, chenille, chrysalide et papillon.

FRENCH Bugs & Insects Vocabulary Cards (Vocabulaire - Insectes & bestioles)

Collection Mur de mots - Les Insectes & les bestioles. 16 French Insect Word Wall vocabulary cards - in colour AND black & white. Perfect for adding to your word wall this spring. Print in colour to make your word wall POP, or print in black & white and colour yourself (or have your students colour!) to save on ink. You can also use the black & white to create student booklets or posters. The possibilities are endless!

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