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Spilled my tea when I saw this one. For reals. I saw it, reached to pin it, and BAM. My earl grey tea went EVERYWHERE.

Richard Armitage - yeah, I think I lost myself in the Richard Armitage tags. Probably a little too good looking to be Gabriel, but what the heck.

For the Love of Thorin

For the love of Thorin. Richard Armitage should be put on the side of a building.

Oakentoon #26: Oakentoon special! by ~PeckishOwl on deviantART

ABOUT THIS OAKENTOON Peckish Owl thanks you all for your support and yummy comments! They make her feel less peckish! Oh, and how about that - Kili ( ww.

"A Horse and His Dwarf" - ok, this has got to be one of the best comments of all time.

The relationship with the horse Richard Armitage looks so happy she's joining his hair flick The Hobbit

(11) Richard Armitage

Guy of Gisborne is my action hero! Here’s The Bourne Identity poster that served as my guide: [x] Also, I had to invent the sheriff’s leg. The Gisborne Identity

Richard Armitage collage

So many roles

Love Richard Armitage

It's really more like, "Keep calm and admire Richard Armitage for his good acting skills and dashing good looks.

FAN PHOTO- Richard ARMITAGE, so poised.

Richard Armitage Oooh, new. Where’s that from? I think it’s a behind the scenes of Spooks pic….early season 8 :) Yeah - looks like the Belstaff look from season doesn’t it? And the lucky fan has been cut out ;