Molly valcourt

Molly valcourt

Molly valcourt
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The Heroes of Olympus, Leo Valdez & Festus. I want a festus

Jason scratched his head. "You named him Festus? You know that in Latin, FESTUS means HAPPY? You want us tu ride off to save the world on Happy The Dragon?" The dragon twitched and shuddered and flapped his wings. "That is a Yes, Bro!" Leo Said.

Oh Nico

I like to think that Nico can’t eat corn anymore since HoH. And gets really upsets when other people eat corn around him. Like, snatches the corn out of people’s hand when they’re about to bite. Nico di Angelo the Ghost Corn King.

:D little Nico

nico di angelo & hades- New head cannon where Nico will only let his geeky side slip when he's hanging out in his Dad's realm. :P Nico's face in the last one though.