Cheesy Stuffing Cups

Cheesy Stuffing Cups This nutty, cheesy, cranberry-studded stuffing is everyone's favorite side dish recipe—made into individual muffin-like cups.

Butternut Squash Parmesan

WW Butternut Squash Parmesan-This is a great Weight Watchers 3 PointsPlus+ side-dish recipe. Low Sodium, Low Carb and Low Cholesterol. It would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving meal or any holiday meal.

Campbell's Kitchen: Broccoli & Garlic Penne Pasta

Broccoli & Garlic Penne Pasta You can serve this versatile pasta recipe& a speedy family supper, a girlfriends get-together or a casual dinner party.& The aroma will draw them to the table, but the great taste will win them over.

Cheesy Stuffed Butternut Squash

Cheesy Stuffed Butternut Squash -- In this tasty recipe the natural creaminess of roasted butternut squash gets an additional boost from cheddar cheese sour cream and a buttery crushed cracker topping.

Butternut Pudding

Butternut Pudding

Carrot & Apple Salad

Carrot & Apple Salad

Campbell's Kitchen: Super Simple Nacho Pasta

Super Simple Nacho Pasta-Twenty minutes and three ingredients make flavorful pasta dish with a kicked up cheese sauce.

Greek-Style Couscous Salad

Greek Style Couscous Salad----- 1 c whole wheat couscous, uncooked - 1 c halved cucumber slices - 1 L tomato - 1 pkg. fresh dill - c Italian Dressing -

Campbell's Kitchen: Mozzarella Zucchini Skillet

Campbell's Kitchen: Mozzarella Zucchini Skillet-fast easy and really tasty. I used both squash and zucchini with pam, garlic, spag. sauce adn a little cheese on top.

Campbell's Kitchen: Cheesy Chile Corn Casserole

Cheesy Chile Corn Casserole - Green chiles, french fried onions and ground red pepper give this luscious corn casserole a little kick.but don't worry - the cheesy sauce controls the heat and leaves you with nothing but great flavor.

Campbell's Kitchen: Cheesy Picante Potatoes

Cheesy Picante Potatoes- Looking for a new way to prepare potatoes? Try this version where potatoes, Cheddar Cheese soup, and picante sauce combine to make a yummy side dish that's ready in just 25 minutes.

Campbell's Kitchen: Crowd-Pleasing Vegetable Casserole

Crowd-Pleasing vegetable casserole with Campbell's soup Everyone will eat and enjoy their vegetables when this casserole is served. You can use your favorite frozen vegetable mixture to suit your family's tastes. And it's ready in under 45 minutes.

Campbell's Kitchen: Lentil Rice Salad

Lentil Rice Salad

Twena Twena Photography Parker Lentil Rice Salad Here's a great make-ahead side dish that makes a great addition to a buffet, picnic, barbecue or formal meal. It's subtle flavors complement just about any main course.