Canadian Pacific Railway.Hunter Harrison is now head of CP after a coup took Fred Green out.

Canadian Pacific Railway one of Can add coast coast railways.


Canada (obviously not created by a Canuck cuz we call it 'back bacon,' not Canadian--that's the American term for it. otherwise agree with everything)

Royal Canadian Mounties in uniform. I've always loved the deep, true red of their jackets.

RCMP settles pay dispute with federal government

The Mounties! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP; colloquially known as the Mounties, and internally as 'the Force') is both the federal and the national police force of Canada.

Canada Congratulations to all of our Canadian athletes in Sochi... You made Canada proud.

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50 insane facts about Canada we bet you didn’t know - CANADA <3 THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!! <3

50 insane facts about Canada we bet you didn’t know

50 Insane Facts about Canada [Infographic] Canada is a North American country consisting of ten prov

Made in Canada

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