Canada (obviously not created by a Canuck cuz we call it 'back bacon,' not Canadian--that's the American term for it. otherwise agree with everything)

The "Canada 150" Tulip, created in honour of Canada's 150th birthday - which is today!

“CANADA TULIP - Presented in Ottawa, May 2016 A new tulip, bred to resemble the Canadian flag to commemorate the upcoming 2017 celebrations, Canada’s official birthday tulip.


When you place an ATP and a WTA player in top 10 ranking it's not matter of chance. There is a hard and long time work beneath.


Happy Canada day to all the Canadians out there! Whether you’re enjoying a bbq with some friends or lighting fireworks with your kids at Them a Rattling for allergy asthma celebrex but acne-p…

"We define a Canadian by a skin color or a language or a background but by a shared set of values, aspirations, hopes, and dreams" quoted by James Trudeau

Canadian hockey girl

Would have been better if she was in Red Wings jersey but ya know. Girl or boy there playing hockey.


Needing no introduction, is Terry Fox. My HERO. May you rest in peace :) Legendary, I'll never forget you


made me think of how many times Iv heard folks say. Africa is a beautiful country!


All of my birdhouses are personally hand built with sign board (Plywood). My roofs and bases are Clear Cedar.They are glued and nailed. I wrap the houses with vinyl and apply a clear laminate .