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Master the art of DIY beetroot powder, a crucial component of DIY natural makeup recipes & homemade makeup. This nutrient-rich powder is perfect for creating natural makeup products, offering a range of benefits for skin and hair care. Its natural coloring properties make it an excellent choice for those who prefer homemade beauty solutions. Learn more about herb recipes, DIY skin care, and natural herbs medicine at

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Marinated cherry tomatoes are a colorful, juicy and tasty side dish that is perfect for summer parties, buffets and large gatherings because it can be made hours in advance. This is one of our favorite cherry tomato recipes! Italian marinated tomatoes with just 4 ingredients! |
Welcome spring with green and tangy celery-radish pickles! Find the fermented recipe on

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South American -- immigrant

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North American--immigrants

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Lemoncurd: 100 ml lemon juice 150 g sugar 3 eggs 50 ml water 1 tsp cornstarch 50 g butter (optional) Mascarpone Filling: 2 packages of ladyfingers (about 24-30 pieces) 250 g mascarpone cream 300 ml whipping cream 100 g powdered sugar 300 ml warm milk

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Coated with sticky, sweet, and savory ginger sauce, this Ginger Pork Rolls with Eggplant is a perfect weeknight meal! #japanesefood #weeknightmeal #japaneseporkrecipes #asianporkrecipes | Easy Japanese Recipes at


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Indian Subcontinent

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Super easy Dukkah Spice mix. Learn to make and use an Egyptian Dukkah that you'll sprinkle onto everything--or eat off a spoon. Yup, it's really that good. Dukkah Seasoning Mix | Dukkah Seasoning Mix | Dukkah | Duqqa Seasoning | Duqqa | Egyptian Recipes | Egyptian Seasoning | Homemade Dukkah | Homemade Seasoning Mix | Seasoning Mix Recipes | TwoSleevers | #twosleevers #egyptian #dukkah #duqqa #seasoning

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1923 - 40 | The College Woman's Cook Book | Published by The College Woman's Cook-Book Association, Evanston, Illinois
Vintage lemonade magic pie recipe #pie #pierecipes #vintagepie #vintagepierecipes #vintagerecipes

Vintage Cooking

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Meat dishes

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an image of how to enjoy korean lettuce wraps with text overlay that reads sam guide
How to Enjoy Ssam (Korean Lettuce Wraps) with Different Greens
How to enjoy Ssam (Korean Lettuce Wraps) Guide including all different varieties of leafy greens used for wraps. #ssam #koreanfood #asianfood #vegetables #kimchimari
an egg roll on a white plate with ham and cheese in the middle next to it
Gyeran Mari : Korean Egg Roll : Korean Rolled Omelet : 계란말이 만들기 - Seonkyoung Longest
there are many different pictures of food being made on the trays with chopsticks
Crab Stick & Spring Onion Rolled Omelette/ Egg Roll 香葱蟹柳蛋卷
some food is on a white plate and ready to be eaten
Korean Rice Balls (Jumeokbap) - Yeji's Kitchen Stories
Korean Rice Balls (Jumeokbap) - Easy Recipes
the korean street toast cookbook is shown with pictures of different types of food on it
Korean Street Toast (Gilgeori Toast 길거리 토스트)
south african chicken curry with white rice in a blue bowl and on a black plate
South African Chicken Curry
South African Chicken Curry - GypsyPlate
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