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an old tin sign advertising smoked sardines with dog in basket on the front
PATSY Vintage West Pembroke Maine Sardine Label
PATSY West Pembroke Maine Sardine Label
three tins of sardinea al limoone are stacked on top of each other
A tin of fish.
an old metal bucket with a label for laurel leaf brand pure lard on it
Lard Advertising Antique Tin Pure Lard Laurel Leaf Brand Pail For Sale on Ruby Lane
an old yellow tin with black writing on the side and wire attached to it that says, pennett brand pure hard
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Zenith Brand Lard
a red and blue metal bucket with white leaf brand on it's lid, sitting on a white surface
olds tins from 1920 to 1950
an old fashioned corn flakes tin with santa claus on it
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Vintage Christmas Kellogg's Cornflakes Tin
a red bucket with the words cudahy rex lard on it's side