Custom cabinets and furniture. Morgan Clayhall designs can be customized. The studio can also create commissioned one of kind pieces Please inquire with the…
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a room with a table, chairs and a painting on the wall in front of it
Custom gold graffiti cabinet by Morgan Clayhall Inc.
mix media artwork on doors, sealed in resin. body is walnut, frame steel. This design can be customized and we can use words the client supplies. Please inquire with the studio,
a wooden cabinet sitting on top of a floor next to a white wall with writing on it
New design by Morgan Clayhall
The credenza has artwork by Murray Duncan, mix media on doors, seal with resin. Design can be customized, please inquire with the studio
an abstract painting with lines and shapes on the side of a cabinet, against a white background
Custom Aly Armoire by Morgan Clayhall Inc.
A commission for a private client, thru Hollace Cluny. The Aly armoire was customized using colour based on other materials in the room. Any questions, please inquire with the studio.
a bathroom with two sinks, mirrors and a bathtub in the middle of it
Custom Vanity designed by Murray Duncan
the dining room table is surrounded by black chairs
Interiors by Murray Duncan, artwork by Jordan Tabachnik and Murray Duncan
a cabinet with blue flowers painted on it
Commission hand painted cabinet by Morgan Clayhall
Artwork by Murray Duncan Studio
an abstract painting with black lines and circles on it's sideboard, against a white background
New commission - New Design
Geometric abstract artwork, mix media on doors/drawers. Storage cabinet for principal bedroom
a modern dining room with green walls and furniture
Abstract White Credenza in Hollace Cluny
Handpainted, mix media artwork on doors, fully customizable, please enquire with the showroom
a black and white painting on top of a glass cabinet in a room with concrete flooring
Enamel Abstract Credenza by Morgan Clayhall
Walnut body, ebony stain, mix media artwork on the doors, sealed in resin. Artwork by Murray Duncan. The design can be customize, please inquire with the studio.
an orange and black cabinet with writing on it
Cabinet by Morgan Clayhall - custom graffiti artwork by Murray Duncan
Client supplied us with the colours for the interior and this is what Murray came up with. They were thrilled, see more of our work at our website
a chair and sideboard in a room
Custom Circle cabinet by Morgan Clayhall
Interiors by Tara Fingold Interiors
a cabinet with black and white paint dripping down on it's sides in a room
Finage Cabinet by Morgan Clayhall
Artwork by Murray Duncan. Mix media and resin. This design can be customized, please inquire with the studio.
an art piece is displayed on a white background with black and gold accents, including a painting of a woman's face
Golden Side Eye by Morgan Clayhall
Custom cabinet with orginal artwork by Murray Duncan. Mix media and resin. This design can be customized, please inquire with the studio.
a table with a mirror on it in front of a wall
Skyline Mirror for Morgan Clayhall
The Skyline Mirror designed by Jordan Tabachnik, for Morgan Clayhall. Mix media, salvage wood on solid wood body, mirror. Custom sizing and design is available, please inquire. Shown with the Nest Console.
a tall black sign sitting inside of a building
New York Subway Sign by Morgan Clayhall
Size shown is 36" X 96", custom sizing available. Please inquire with the studio about custom sizing.