Tea Cups and Roses

Memories of afternoon tea with Grandma and the days when we took the time to enjoy the here and now.
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a table topped with lots of china on top of a wooden table
“Woodland” Tea Set
Sipping your favourite hot beverage from a beautiful cup can transport you to another time or another place. Where or when do you want to go?
a table topped with plates and cups filled with pastries on top of a table covered in flowers
The Novel Bakers Present: The Vintage Tea Party Book!
three tiered plates with pastries on them and tea cups next to each other
a tea set on a table with flowers in the vase and other items around it
there is a table set with roses on it and plates in front of the frame
Royal Albert “Moss Rose” Tea Set
The timeless elegance of Royal Albert. Slow down, smell the roses and remember traditions.
pink roses are in a tea set on a table with other dishes and cups around it
Good Mood
there is a tea set on the table with pink flowers in vases and plates
Beautiful Tea Set
Surround yourself with beauty.
pink roses are in a vase next to tea cups and saucers on a table
pink roses in a tea pot and cups on a table next to a vase filled with flowers
a tea set with flowers and gold trimmings
two tea cups and saucers on a doily
Unusual Ways to Use and Display Teacups in Your Home