Emily Carr in her caravan

Emily Carr (Born Dec 1871 Victoria, BC- was a Canadian artist and writer heavily inspired by the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Emily Carr

Love the Fall inspired art by Emily Carr, Group of Seven, etc - reminds me of the going to the cottage in the Fall, and the woods become painted in new colours

Forest, British Columbia, by Emily Carr

Emily Carr's Forest, British Columbia, painting is included in and exhibition that draws comparisons with her works and those of Landon Mackenzie's, opening at Vancouver Art Gallery, Sept.

Dancing Tree by Emily Carr (oil on paper; c. 1938)

Carr, Emily - Arbre dansant - Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria

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One of my favourite Canadian artists, Emily Carr Forest 1 - acrylic on canvas (not sure of the year)