Maple taffy on snow made at Winterlude in Ottawa, Canada.

Boil 1 c maple syrup for Pour into heat-resistant container (Pyrex measuring cup). Pour into snow-filled casserole dish. Remove with fork.

Maple leaf candy

Maple candy has been loved by Vermonters for generations. Maple candy is made with pure Vermont maple syrup. Vermont maple candy is a lovely gift.

Poutine. In English that's French fries covered with gravy & cheese. I'm in heaven! Quebec City has the best.

A recipe for poutine perfection


Circular peanut butter sandwiches with red maple leaf apple slices plus a bowl of vanilla yogurt with maple sprinkles (and maple leaf Jell-o jigglers for dessert).

Traditional maple syrup!

Text & style for logo? Maple Syrup, distilled from the finest sap of the sugar maples of Sugar Creek, Wisconsin

Brunch Pastaga - Montreal, Canada

Brunch Pastaga - Montreal, Canada/i can see myself eating this every weekend