Torn Flower Craft ~ Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day Poppy for Kids

Memorial Day may be known as the unofficial start to summer! However, it's very important to understand why it is such a special day,.

To the Lesson!: In Honor of Peace Day

remembering your class - class as a cohesive unit - fingerprint art with color key - Eric Carle

The Poppy Story (Early Years) - This is a Scottish video but it is very informative and well done - I'd use it with my Canadian students as well.

The Poppy Story (Early Years). A short video perfect for young children explaining why we have poppies for Remembrance and Anzac Day.

We can be peacemakers! By: Kindergarten Students

This is a project that I made with my kindergarten practicum students. We started a project on how we can choose to be peacemakers instead of peace-breakers.