Technology and electronic waste: A user's perspective

This board elucidates the global impact of my contemporary technological devices.
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Google opens up access to data centers via Street View

Google opens up access to data centers via Street View

The American corporation has released a video which shows the inside of its data centre in North Carolina.

Electronic waste

Infographic Shows The Growing Concern of E-Waste

Infographic Shows The Growing Concern of E-Waste E-Waste Infographic Metrofax – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

E-waste Collection Day...great fundraising idea for your school, charity, etc.

Read more about Spice Group to set up e-waste plant in UP on Business Standard. Plant would recycle discarded mobile phones to form the backend integration chain for proposed cellphone manufacturing unit

Facebook's New Data Center Will Be a Wind-Powered Building #architechture

Sustainable Social Media Centers

Dallas News: your source for breaking news and analysis for Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and around the world.

Canada’s E-Waste  #recycling #ewaste #technology #science

Here's a infographic about e-Waste in Canada that explains the steps we can all take to minimize our negative impact.

Top 10 emerging technologies for 2014

Big Data: Reinventing Social Media: Deep Learning, Predictive Marketing, And Image Recognition Will Change Everything

E-Waste, an Environmental Disaster

E-Waste, an Environmental Disaster

Facebook’s wind-powered data center

Facebook’s wind-powered data center gets props from data center peers

A Closer Look at Apple's North Carolina Renewable Energy Power Plant - AIVAnet

Today, most people are unaware of the ways that data centers operate and provide information instantaneously.

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