Worksheets: French Words: School

French Words: School

VOILÀ is what I call Bingo in my French class.  25 VOILÀ cards for LES FOURNITURES SCOLAIRES.

VOILÀ pour LES FOURNITURES SCOLAIRES (French School Supply Bingo)

Here are my VOILÀ French Bingo cards to practice school supply vocabulary. 2 card sets: one with colour visuals and one with vocabulary words written out. Now with 32 cards!

Good song with gestures/actions for students to act out.

This is a video put to Etienne's song "La Salle de Classe." Use it to learn and practice French classroom vocabulary.

School in French is a booklet that focuses on the names of different school items in French. $

School Activities and Games in French - L’école en Français

School in Spanish - vocab. sheets, worksheets, matching & bingo games-I think I will need this next year!