How to memorize French Vocabulary? A few tips for you.A technique to considerWant more? Buy my vocabulary ebook

Tips on How to Memorize French Vocabulary

An interesting way to memorize French Vocab. Check out the most interesting ways to memorize french vocabulary presented in this article right here

Great French Online games and activities. Try them out with your class!

Beginner French Online games with multiple choice quizzes: expressions, numbers, colors, foods, animals.

My favourite mainstream French music to play in the classroom

Classroom tips & tricks, resources and teaching ideas for the primary French classroom - immersion or French first-language

10 Essential French YouTubers to Help You Learn French. Looking for some French YouTubers to make the most of the time you will inevitably spend on YouTube? Here's 10 fantastique channels to get you started. Lindsay Does Languages Blog

10 Génial French YouTubers to Help You Learn French

Teach your students high frequency French words! Great for French immersion students learning to read in French for the first time!

Les mots usuels - French sight word activities - volume Focus on 4 sight words per week, choosing different games and activities for your students. Includes a variety of different games, flashcards, and word wall cards!

La lecture guidée en maternelle | Guided Reading in a French classroom | FREE French reading strategies poster | stratégies en lecture

La lecture guidée en maternelle - Guided Reading in a primary French classroom (with a Freebie!

French - English Vocabulary Cards and Matching Game

French Vocabulary Cards - Label your home with these printable cards.

Want more progress?  Use quality assessments! Great ideas in this blog post how to vary your assessments to really see if your students are mastering the skills they need.  Click here to read more.

Great tips and ideas for French teachers

Free French eBook and 5 French websites every French teachers should know!

If you teach French, you know how tough it can be to find resources for your classroom. Of course, I'm talking about QU.

Sites internet gratuits et stimulants pour les enfants qui commencent à lire (#2)

Sites internet gratuits et stimulants pour les enfants qui commencent à lire (#2)

French emergent reader: je VOIS. Reading, writing, cutting and pasting to practice French sight words and improve reading skills.

Mots usuels - FRENCH Immersion Emergent Reader - je VOIS Pour les lecteurs débutants Help your students ease their way into reading French through the use of emergent readers.