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Christmas doodles art lesson

artisan des arts: Quick and easy Christmas doodles - I may not use this for Christmas, but I like the idea of selectively coloring an object superimposed over a doodle.

Ah hah . . . . . adding color. . . .fascinating

there is aseperate pattern and movement flowing on top of the more traditional framework of the letter. Great idea to turn that movement into different letters --like a layered monogram. the style is nice because of the contrast and unity.


Here are some new math freebies for you all! I have just added these to my daily 5 math time! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's a set of "I Have, Who Has?" cards for skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

" cards for skip counting by and Plus several more free grade free math printable activities.