Canada Day

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Simple family friendly party ideas. Serve east and west coast inspired main dishes, northern inspired sides with a Poutine (Quebec is part of Canada!) and you have a coast to coast to coast celebration!
twist on sweet and sour meatballs.. maple and chile sauce. sounds pretty good. It is !!mmmm

Maple Meatballs Recipe ~ great for football season or just for dinner from Real Mom Kitchen The Wise Sage Canada Day

white chocolate and raspberry bites, so quick and easy and delicious ! bring on fresh berry season !

Another Pinner said: white chocolate raspberry bites. I've done this with just regular chocolate chips and they're yummy, can't wait to try this version for a sweet treat! Oh, and there are other cute V-day ideas on this site.

Jo and Sue: Red, white & bacon appetizers!. Super simple! So pretty :)

Jo and Sue: Canadian Red, White & Bacon Skewers (And a Watermelon Beaver)

Raspberry-Cheesecake-Popsicles, great for a Canada Day picnic

Canada Day Crafts (1st of July Ideas

Pea meal bacon sliders. 'Nuff said.

best recipes, tested till perfect

The best part about this classic poutine? The gravy is made using store-bought broth, so you don't have to make your own. With a few added aromatics, it has all the intense, meaty flavour of homemade. If you're really pressed for time, use frozen fries an

Inukshuk Candy Treats For Canada Day (not meant to demean or belittle native culture for a chintzy holiday. Meant to embrace all cultures that make Canada the country I love)

How to Make Inukshuk-Inspired Treats for Canada Day

Inukshuk Candy Treats For Canada Day I remember backpacking along the coats of Lake Superior and seeing a bunch inukshuks!