Mr. Spork's Hands

Mr. Spork's Hands

Canada / Cook, writer, gardener, DIY hacker, & general all-purpose handy (only moderately weird) guy.
Mr. Spork's Hands
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Sixty Second Coleslaw

Sixty Second Coleslaw – Random Thoughts from Mr.

Tortilla making mayhem. Still Worth The Time

Still Worth The Time – Random Thoughts from Mr.

Marmalade made at home has more flavor than store-bought versions and costs just a fraction. Any type of orange will.

Tokyo Meets Soul Food – Random Thoughts from Mr.

Indestructible Horseradish

Indestructible Horseradish – Random Thoughts from Mr.

Fruit Fly Traps For Six Cents Each - Common Household Ingredients

Using ordinary wood stove pellets is a dramatically cheaper alternative to 'clumping' clay cat litter.

Pickle your own ginger and avoid the fake sugars.

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Crumpets! Hot off the griddle just in time for tea.

Hot Off The Griddle – Random Thoughts from Mr.