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Guns Mini-Tutorial: Stances by ~PhiTuS on deviantART

Guns Mini-Tutorial: Stances by ~PhiTuS on deviantART – Education is the key to using guns safely.

How to Cure Common Shooting Mistakes

How to cure common shooting mistakes Groups scattered? It may be that you lack front-sight focus. The front sight must be the sharpest object in the sight picture for consistent, accurate shooting

Cerakote Coatings: H-140 Bright White with H-216 Smith & Wesson Red and H-227 Tactical Grey

Glock : Cerakote Coatings: Bright White with Smith & Wesson Red and Tactical Grey

Holzspalter Gußeisen  (no clue what that says! but if I ever get my wood cookstove for the kitchen....I'm SOO having Ben make this for me!  Lovely thin kindling and I don't have to scrounge on the ground to put pieces in the kindling basket.  Only nice pieces for MY Cookstove! ;)

Discover thousands of images about Cast iron wood splitter. Definitely need one on the bus to fire up our wood stove on cold nights.

Protecting Your Home With Defensive Bushes

How to Protect Your Home With Defensive Bushes. There are some seriously nasty bushes out there. Even a simple rosebush or, better yet, a raspberry bush can be enough to make people think twice before getting close to your home. If you’re really serious