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Street art is dead! It's all about the farm art now. This wheat silo was painted by Pao and Rouge in Italy, in the style of classical painter Arcimboldo.

arcimboldo style art - Google Search

An artist’s impression of veggies from Mars

Alien Salad By Till Nowak "A tribute to the fantastic biomechanical creations of H. Giger and the vegetable portraits of Giuseppe Arcimboldo"

arcimboldo style art - Google Search

Arcimboldo Style Simon Lane by Applehack on deviantART

Jonathan @ Pt England School: Arcimboldo

I have tried to copy Arcimboldo's style of art but my mine is made of insects. Giuseppe Arcimboldo ( Italian artist, 1527-1593)

For a time, Arcimboldo painted portraits in Prague in the court of the Holy Roman Empire. Here is a portrait of Rudolf II, the Holy Roman Emperor at the time, painted as Vertumnus, Roman god of the seasons.