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Canada>>Oregon>>Sydney>>California>>Wisconsin>Canada>>Wisconsin>plain ole washington:)>> Canada>> Melbourne, Australia>>Canada>>New York>>Peru>>Peru>>Russia>>Alabama>>michigan>>Wisconsin>>New Hampshire>> North Carolina>>OHIO>New Jersey>>Indiana>>Virginia

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian Pinners. Pray to Saint Joseph - the patron saint of Canada - that the reference to God in our national anthem is never removed due to secular pressure.

Proud to sing O'Canada, at school, at hockey games, at movie theatres.yes, at movie theatres! <<< HAPPY CANADA DAY :D

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25 Canada Day Food Decoration Ideas, Themed Edible Decorations for Party Table

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50 Canada Day Table Decorations, Centerpieces and Summer Party Ideas

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Canada Day Decorating Ideas

Spinach, Herb and Garlic Crustless Quiche

Canada Day party decorations and ideas blend red and white decorating colors into outdoor home decor, brightening up backyard designs on the of July

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