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Often times people are under the notion that if the cavity doesn't hurt  they can wait . Once a cavity has breached the enamel ( the toughest layer ) to the softer dentin layer  it spreads much quicker and could eventually spread to the pulpal layer (where you would find the nerve of the Tooth )  Deep decay trauma crack or chip to the tooth and repeated dental procedures can all lead to inflammation or infection of " the inside of the tooth i.. e. the pulp'". If pulp infection/inflammation…

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Dentists Find Tooth Root Pulp Can Become an Alternative Source of Stem Cells

Dentists find tooth root pulp can become an alternative source of stem cells

What Causes a Dead Tooth to Die? Rotten teeth are the result of the demineralization of tooth enamel by the acid-producing bacteria that normally grow the human mouth. The acid can eat through the enamel and dentin into the pulp of the tooth producing first a toothache and then a dead tooth.

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Cross section of a tooth with taurodontism

Taurodontism is when the body of permanent molar teeth and pulp chamber is enlarged vertically at the expense of the roots.