Plato — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

The teachings of Plato have profoundly influenced the religious beliefs of millions of people. Read what led to the fusing of Plato’s ideas with Christian teachings.

Robert Boyle — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

Robert Boyle has been called the father of chemistry. Isaac Newton was influenced by him. Learn how his great faith in God and the Bible affected his life.

Zheng He — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

China's Great Armada, Admiral Zheng He - Six centuries ago a towering eunuch named Zheng He commanded the Ming dynasty's fleet of immense trading vessels on expeditions ranging as far as Africa.

A bronze statue of Constantine

Constantine was the first Roman emperor to profess Christianity. His political & religious dealings affected the beliefs of many churches.

A statue of Joseph Priestley

A statue of Joseph Priestley. He was a writer, a scientist, and an inventor; but more importantly he was a free thinker and formed his convictions from facts he perceived even if they conflicted with popular thinking.

William Whiston

William Whiston was a scientist, mathematician, clergyman, prolific writer, and colleague of English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton. Click the picture to read the lesson!

A statue of al-Khwarizmi

A statue of al-Khwarizmi the "Hero of Arab Mathematics" He is found in the history of Algebra

A statue of Herodotus

Herodotus -- A Greek Historian of the fifth century B. Click the picture to read the Article.

Desiderius Erasmus

Today, Erasmus is recognized as a key figure in the transformation of Europe’s religious landscape. Discover interesting facts about this most famous scholar.


Galileo’s use of the telescope greatly increased man’s knowledge of the universe.

Juan de Ribera, archbishop of Valencia, active in expelling the Moriscos

The Church influenced nearly every action of Spain’s monarchy to promote ‘pure’ Catholicism. The Moriscos became their victim.

Cyrus the Great — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

Soria : Ciro il Grande - ricerche archeologiche e scoperte aggiornate!