Create a Holiday Craft Station

With the installation of a #MurphyBed your spare #bedroom can become an organized gift wrapping station by day, bedroom when you need it!
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an advertisement for a bed room with white furniture and blue stripes on the bottom half
Dream Craft Room
A #MurphyBed can give you the space you need to create a styish and functional #CraftRoom by day, flex room when you need it. Design your own right on our website.
a collage of photos with the words create a craft room
Murphy Wall-Beds Inc - Endless Possibilities
#DIY inspiration for all the #hobbies you can spend time on when you install a #MurphyBed and gain more space!
a living room filled with furniture and a rug
Murphy Wall-Beds - Build-A-Bed Online
The ample cabinet and shelving options that are available with a wall-bed make it the perfect furniture piece to create a DIY den.
the bedroom is clean and ready to be used for someone's workday or office
Murphy Wall-Beds Inc - Endless Possibilities
The LED lights embedded into the cabinetry will help when you're wrapping holiday gifts into the wee morning hours.
a sign that says create a craft room give your hobbies a home by installing a wall bed in your spare room
Murphy Wall-Beds Inc - Endless Possibilities
Whether you call it a craft room, DIY Den, Hobby hide-out - a Murphy Wall-Bed is the perfect smart furniture piece for any crafter.
craft supplies are laid out on a table with scissors, thread, and other items
Anthropologie's wrapping station
A little early, Anthropologie's Wrapping Station (Holiday 2012) :: #Anthrofave
christmas decorations and wrapping on display in front of a framed sign that says tree farm
Here's a unique gift-wrapping tip: keep your wrapping supplies together and in plain view to make wrapping gifts easier! Create an organized wrapping station filled with scissors, tape, twine, ribbon and wrapping paper.
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use it's colorful chairs are in front of the window
Create Your Own Gift Wrap Station - Blindsgalore Blog
sewing/craft room inspiration...I would love to carve out a place for this so my sewing machine can be left set up...maybe out of the unfinished area???
a shelf filled with lots of different types of ribbons and wrapping tape on top of each other
DIY Gift Wrap Organization Station
IHeart Organizing: DIY Gift Wrap Organization Station
the inside of a refrigerator filled with lots of crafting supplies and ribbons on top of it
DIY: Gift Wrapping Station
DIY: Gift Wrapping Station. What fun finding all the little 'specials' for present wrapping! And all kept neat and tidy on the back of a cupboard door. I like it!
a wooden table topped with baskets filled with items next to a wall covered in magnets
Holiday Gift Wrap Station
IRON & TWINE: Holiday Gift Wrap Station
there are many crafting supplies on the shelves in this room, including crayons and markers
Organizing your Craft Room
craft room! All organized all out in the open to grab
three white buckets filled with paint sitting on top of a shelf next to a potted plant
Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas - The Idea Room
Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas - The Idea Room
the door is open and there are many craft supplies on display in front of it
20 Organization Stations That Will Get Your Life in Order
Hi Sugarplum | Organized Craft & Gift Wrap Great idea to use the back of doors for organization
the closet is filled with lots of crafting supplies and storage bins on shelves
50 craft rooms
I love looking at craft rooms! Something about seeing what people create (and what they craft hoard!) I would much rather snoop through a craft space than a medicine cabinet! And lucky for pinterest…we get to see so many amazing spaces! So here is my roundup over 50 of the coolest craft rooms I’ve come …