Murphy Wall-Bed Dorm Room Ideas

A #MurphyBed can make your dorm room a dream! Instead of jacking up a single bed, consider installing a wall bed with ample cabinets for clothing and school…
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an empty room with two wooden cabinets and a white wall in the background, there is a chair next to it
Murphy Wall-Beds - Build-A-Bed Online
Our wall beds come in a variety of cabinet styles and finishes, from Montana Walnut featured here, to International White, Chocolate Pearwood, Candy Apple and more.
a bedroom with a bed, bookcases and pillows on the floor in front of it
Murphy Wall-Beds Inc - Endless Possibilities
Choose from a vertical or horizontal tilt wall bed depending on the layout of your dorm room. Add a side wardrobe cabinet from 20" to 24" wide for extra clothing storage, a night table that can function as a charging station and LED lights for late night studying.
an ad for murphy wall beds with the text dorm done right forget it's not hard
Murphy Wall-Beds - Build-A-Bed Online
If you have the option to bring your own bed into your dorm room, consider installing a Murphy Wall-Bed. This smart furniture piece opens and closes with one finger and provides an extra 100 square feet of living space for you and your dormmates.
a white radiator sitting next to a wall filled with pictures and vases
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a laptop computer sitting on top of a bed in a room filled with pictures and pillows
60 Stunning and Cute Dorm Room Decorating Ideas -
Awesome 60 Stunning and Cute Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a wall with pictures and lights
Office. Photo by Lindsay McMullen
an electric toothbrush is being used to clean the teeth and remove them from decay
99 Incredible DIY Projects for Your Dorm Room - 99Architecture
99 Incredible DIY Projects For Your Dorm Room (26)
a desk with a calendar, pen and some other items on it next to a pineapple
10 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas Even Lazy Girls Can Do - Society19 Canada
Let's face it, dorm rooms are tiny, ugly, and the wall are very,very plain. Since you spend a ton of time in your dorm room, why not make it a place you love. With a few simple DIY dorm decor projects you can turn a typical, boring dorm room, into your...
a bed room with a neatly made bed and lots of pillows on the floor next to it
10 Modern And Stylish Ideas For Dorm Rooms | HomeMydesign
10 Modern And Stylish Ideas For Dorm Rooms | Home Design And Interior
a bed with white sheets and pillows in a bedroom next to shelves on the wall
Stylish Dorm Rooms (and Hacks!) to Inspire Your Fall Look
These may be dorm rooms, but have great ideas for teen bedrooms
an advertisement for a refrigerator that is open and has different items in it, including baskets
Organize your dorm fridge in 3 easy steps. Keep thing separate in your dorm fridge with simple organizing tips. Find these ideas and items at JCPenney!
a collage of pictures with text that reads how to decorate for your dorm room
How To Decorate Your Dorm Walls Without Causing Damage - Society19
How To Decorate Your Dorm Walls Without Causing Damage
two pictures are hanging on the wall and one is made out of metal wire with photos attached to it
46 Best DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas - DIY Projects for Teens
DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas - Geometric Photo Display - Cheap DIY Dorm Decor Projects for College Rooms - Cool Crafts, Wall Art, Easy Organization for Girls - Fun DYI Tutorials for Teens and College Students
there is a white wall with pictures on it and a sign that says aosi if
Brit + Co
6 Dorm Room Decor Themes That Get an A+ via Brit + Co
a desk with pictures hanging on the wall and flowers in a vase next to it
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Transform that drab dorm room into a spectacular, cozy abode with 15 creative dorm room ideas for every college student.