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We offer a variety of #MurphyBed cabinet and #storage solutions. From minimalist visible storage to tall cabinets with multiple shelves, all available in a…
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a collage of photos showing the inside of a bedroom with built - in cabinets
Build your own wall bed
a collage of photos with the words elevate your home organization
Murphy Wall-Beds Inc - Endless Possibilities
Create a more #organized and clutter-free home with a #MurphyWallBed.
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv on top of a wooden entertainment center
Murphy Wall-Beds Inc - Endless Possibilities
If your wall-bed functions as a living room by day, bedroom at night, books are a great option for visible shelving. Don't worry about storing blankets and pillows - those fold up, with your wall-bed!
a living room with a couch, television and bookshelf on the wall in it
Murphy Wall-Beds Inc - Endless Possibilities
Wondering where to place night lights or table lamps? Forget them, Murphy Wall-Beds offer LED lighting as an optional accessory item.
an advertisement with the words bring on the clutterer if you have lots of stuff, consider multiple cabinets with your wall - bed to hide
Murphy Wall-Beds Inc - Endless Possibilities
a book shelf filled with lots of books next to a chair and wall mounted clock
These Stunning Bookshelves Will Have You Reading In Style
Add Embellishments To The Front Of The Shelves.
a white bookcase filled with lots of books
Habitually Chic®
Great styling.
an organized closet with handbags, books and purses on the shelve
Design Lesson | Style at Home
Open shelving gives you the opportunity to artfully display your best wares and collections, from handbags to shoes to pretty perfumes. {Photography by Donna Griffth}
an organized closet with clothes and handbags on the shelves, including a black purse
Stylish closet design {PHOTO: Tracy Ayton}
a white book shelf with baskets and books
Organized shelves with personality {PHOTO: Michael Graydon}
an open drawer with many pairs of sunglasses and nail polishes in it on the bottom shelf
5 Things: Declutter Your Space. (Kate La Vie)
Lay items out in drawers to keep makeup and accessories organised so it's easy to see exactly what you have
a living room filled with lots of furniture and bookshelves next to a window
51 Great Ideas for Shelves
Great Shelf Ideas - Sunset
the bookshelf is filled with many different types of books and flowers in vases
Jacqueline Clair's NYC Studio Tour - The Everygirl
Thinking of reorganizing your bookshelf? Forgo the standard alphabetical order, and try rearranging them by colour for a chic, eye-catching effect. #westernliving #bookshelf #organization
an open refrigerator with many items on the shelves and labeled labels in english, spanish, and chinese
28 Best Places to Shop for Storage Solutions (Besides the Container Store)
This spot will always look a bit…creative. Choose a unit with doors so you can cover up the chaos.
a room filled with lots of books on top of a white book shelf next to a window
Transform Plain Shelves with These Before-and-After Bookcase Makeover Ideas